Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A few nights ago out on the quincy porch we were having a discussion on an over treated topic around here, relationships. A quincy associate and the official quincy legal counsel, Curt spoke of a mythical book which held all the answers to our problems, of which he was the keeper of but a few chapters.

Well in that vein, quincy enterprises has launched ManlyDating.com! A wiki for men, by men to address the questions and problems of a state in life that many of us find ourselves


  • Hellooo gentlemen! Nice work on this site, guys!
    I also moseyed on over to ManlyDating - are girls allowed? Or is it like I went behind enemy lines?
    It's a great idea - I did notice, though, that the answers cease to pour forth when you get to the part about KEEPING the Girl..... :)
    With such a competent, skilled (you have drumming skills, philosophy skills, guitar skills, hospitality skills...), and manly population in the Quincy House, surely one of y'all can offer up some pearls of wisdom, right? :) The world is waiting with bated breath...

    This next item is for Paul (and Alex) (I'm giving the rest of you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you DON'T like this movie)- this guy had the Snakes on the Plane logo TATTOOED on his ARM!
    Look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ibgerd/196273445/

    That's a lot of love, folks. I don't know - I really love Dr. Pepper but I'm thinkin' it probably wouldn't look great emblazoned on my shoulder.... :)

    God bless you all! Peace of Christ be with you...

    By Anonymous erin, at 11:26 AM, August 22, 2006  

  • Erin,

    I'm not sure that it would be wrong for women to view the ManlyDating site, but it may not be beneficial. A perfect example is that a woman might be quick to notice what's currently missing, as opposed to what's there, given that the wiki is still in its infancy and, despite any other indications, the men who have taken up the project have day jobs and other preoccupations. The result is that guys like me might start making comments about how we know all about that particular lacking aspect of the wiki but just haven't gotten it yet. At that point, the project, while not necessarily a failure, is missing its intended aim: if we wanted to create a wiki to impress women, we would have done so, but as it is, we only mean to encourage each other as men and share what few gems we may have garnered from our varying experiences. I fear that, as ironic as this will undoubtedly sound, a woman just couldn’t understand what may be contained in the ManlyDating wiki.

    Saw that tat—yeah: sick. But, one crazed fan doesn’t diminish the merits of the movie.

    Et pax tecum,

    By Blogger beatdrp, at 1:20 PM, August 22, 2006  

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