Friday, November 10, 2006

An interesting take on Borat from a suprising source.
"I know that at a time when we all feel really threatened by Muslims, it's kind of funny to have this goofball Muslim character with his big Hussein mustache making stupid mistakes and expressing all these backward opinions about women and Jews, and washing his face in toilet bowls and so forth. Kinda makes everyone less scared if you can reduce the person you're afraid of to a kind of joke. Hasn't anyone else figured out yet that this is what Borat is all about? Hey, it's been done before. The Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, even the Three Stooges. It was funny then, and maybe even necessary, but this time around it just makes me feel sad."
Read the whole article:
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: I'm sorry, but Borat isn't funny


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