Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Movie Night @ Quincy & Danielson: A Family Movie

Last night we had a great kickoff to the Quincy Summer Movie evenings. We watched a fascinating documentary entitled Danielson: A Family Movie. The documentary has a slightly campy feel to it and at times it does feel like watching the home movies of a large family that could have lived down the street from you. At the same time it really raised some great questions and discussion about Christianity and art.

The overarching impression was from the discussion seemed to be that even though Daniel Smith may have a less than well developed theology, his honest quest for the truth in his art makes him really stand out.

While not everyone maybe ready to rush out and buy Danielson CD's, this movie gives me a lot of hope. It reminds me that there are authentic Christian artists out there, in spite of all the charlatans who make Christianity and authenticity seem incompatible. there
are men and women out there working for the glory of God and being recognized by the culture. Perhaps they are not being recognized in a big flashy way, but none the less the truth of their hope shines through the work and those seeking after the good recognize it.

For some further info check out Daniel Smith's interview on WNYC.

Stay tuned next week for Nattvardsgästerna (Winter Light) by Ingmar Bergman. It is a great film. Make it even better by showing up and sharing your thoughts with us.

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