Monday, December 04, 2006

Bill Gates getting into the power game.

An interesting take from the FSJ:

"the real plan over at Google ain't about selling advertising or letting frigtards search for porn more efficiently. The real plan is to build a global data center, or rather a string of data centers all connected to form one giant supercomputer that circles the globe. Guess what that friggin thing runs on? Ain't diesel fuel, bub. It's electricity. That's why they're building all their new data centers next to power plants. But guess what the money dudes have figured out? If you project out a few years and look at how much power these humongous data centers are gonna need, well, there isn't enough in all the world. Not nearly enough. So guess who's gonna really be in the driver's seat a decade from now? Right. The dudes who own the electricity."

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The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: The real gating factor: Power


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