Monday, January 14, 2008

New Springtime for North Korea?

I discovered this post, sitting around as a draft, and figured I should post it, now that it's eleven months old...

The other day my Chinese Grand Strategy professor was explaining that he though Christianity was not about to take off in China, as some have suggested. He pointed out that, while there are many bona fide Christians in China, many Chinese Christian sects are little more than cults, with charismatic leaders who are often megalomaniacs and criminals. (In one case a while ago a leader of a Christian sect was jailed for sending out hit men to kill other such leaders.)

That was all fairly interesting, but what was really interesting was that my professor said he thinks North Korea is ripe for mass Christian conversion. The Christian communities in the South, both Catholic and Protestant, are large and strong, and are already laying plans to flood the North with missionary activity should the North Korean regime collapse. Furthermore, my professor argued that the end of the regime would also mark the death of the last shaky belief system remaining in North Korea. The atheistic state-worship of the Communist regime is believed to have little traction, but has also successfully managed to stamp out all other religions. The harvest may soon be in need of laborers…

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  • aaron: have you seen this?


    By Blogger WondrousPilgrim, at 7:28 PM, January 24, 2008  

  • I, too, was intrigued by that statement, particularly as it came from a professor of Chinese grand strategy not given to rash statements or undue optimism about the church in general.

    By Anonymous charles, at 10:54 PM, February 11, 2008  

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