Wednesday, December 05, 2007

75 Years! Time to Celebrate

"You make wine to cheer human hearts, olive oil to make faces shine, and bread to strengthen human hearts." Psalm 104:15

Today, December the 5th 2007 is the beginning of the 75th year that the absurdity of prohibition was repealed in the United States.

Here at the Quincy House we are raising a glass to those courageous lawmakers who realized that the heavy hand of the state was causing more harm than good.

This is a cause for celebration, however, even now the vestiges of that dark time still live with us. The freedoms that our forefathers, Jefferson, Washington and countless others fought for are still not fully attainable to the average American. If my patriotic fervor led me to emulate our first president and distill a batch of rye whiskey, the over reaching federal powers would definitely not smile.

So raise a glass.

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