Friday, March 30, 2007

JP2--One Miracle Closer to Sainthood: French Nun Healed of Parkinson's

Lately I have been being confronted more and more with recognition of the division between "conservative" vs. "liberal" Catholics. I personally don't care for this type of labeling, but I must admit that I'm becoming more weary of people that claim that they are liberals. One such person was recently telling me what a wonderful job the Paulist do in evangelizing to young people. She referred to their website What scares me is that these people actually think that they are Catholic, but they're just liberal Catholics. Some of the ideas being promoted on the front page of their website are gay's for life, a nun promoting the vagina monologues, and an article demonstrating how Benedict 16 is out of touch with contemporary culture. Even if you don't agree with what the pope says why do they feel the need to cast a shadow of doubt over Christ's vicar here on earth.

One of the things that I believe makes the legacy of John Paul 2 so rich is for the fact that it would be absurd to try to label him as either a conservative or a liberal. I'm so proud to be a part of the JP2 generation. I think that there is hope for the future of humanity because of the impact that he has had on millions of people our age. It seems to me safe to say that our generation loves the Church, and it has everything to do with our trust and love for our Papa. As hard as it is for me not to hate people that would promote such ideas that are being promoted at busted halo; a lesson that I've learned from JP2 is that love is the most powerful force in the universe and the only way to make sense of everything is to see it throught the eyes of love.
John Paul II--Pray for us.



  • I forgot to mention that one of the disturbing facts that the woman promoting busted halo informed me of was that they get more hits per day than any other Catholic website in the world.

    By Blogger Chris W, at 3:02 PM, March 30, 2007  

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