Friday, June 22, 2007

Firstborn children found to have higher intelligence

Doesn't it seem like the main function of scientific studies these days is to simply tell you things you already knew? I have been saying this for years, and now some scientists have taken it upon them selves to prove me right.

Firstborn children found to have higher intelligence:

"Wading into an age-old debate, researchers have found that firstborn children are smarter than their siblings -- and the reason is not genetics, but the way their parents treat them, according to a study published today...

Year after year, more Nobel Prizes go to firstborn scientists and authors. Firstborns garner more than their share of National Merit scholarships and fill American colleges in disproportionate numbers...

The findings suggested that the mechanism behind the birth-order effect is not biological but related to social interactions within families.

He surmised that older children are showered with attention early in life and treated as leaders in the family. They are handed more responsibility after younger siblings are born and live with higher expectations from their parents."

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