Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Next Six Degrees

Having just finished my second degree, I'm about to begin a third. Chances are, this will be my last one. But if a Bachelor of Arts, History (University of Dallas), Master of Arts, Statecraft & National Security (Institute of World Politics) and Doctor of Philosophy, History (Texas A&M University) are not enough, what will I do next? It's an enjoyable parlor game to play, and I've come up with what my next six degrees might be... In order:

Master of Library Science: There are few things an academic can't do with a PhD, but running a library is one of them. Besides, I spent eleven years of my life working in a library, and rather enjoyed it.

Master of Arts, Theology (or Master of Theological Studies or Licentiate in Sacred Theology): While the field of theology is of some interest to me, this degree gets an added boost from the possibility that some day I'll be in a ministry role where such a degree would be desirable. Should I ever pursue one, expect Scripture, Church history and liturgy to figure most prominently in my studies.

Master of Business Administration: I don't have any particular plans to take up the world of business, but I've always enjoyed investing and you never know when I might end up managing a team of intelligence analysts at some defense contractor.

Master of Arts, Anthropology: This degree narrowly edged out the next one down, but my lifelong interest in archaeology, coupled with the fact that anthropology intersects with - but is still intellectually distinct from - both history and national security, earned anthropology its spot.

Master of Arts, Economics: There are lots of degrees I wish I could earn (like a PhD in Classics or Biochemical Engineering), but let's be honest: I'm not cut out for them; I just don't think in those directions. But economics is one of those fields I not only enjoy, but also manage to do passably well at.

Doctor of Laws: I can't say I'm wild about the idea of law school, but for someone interested in the working of government and things, it's not an entirely absurd possibility. So ahead of med school (which didn't make the list), but not a big priority.

If you've got suggestions for particular schools, please let me know...



  • I suggest you go for a Master of Divinity. A degree in being God is about as high as you can get. :o)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:46 PM, June 19, 2008  

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