Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A single add for Metro, a giant leap backwards for geek-kind

For years people like myself who are computer professionals, a.k.a. Geeks have been trying to educate the public that we actually can be cool, well balanced regular guys who totally have girlfriends who are completely real. But every now and then someone comes along and sets our cause back seemingly irrevocably. I witnessed such a backsliding this evening when I got on the metro.
So sad. Please a moment of silence for the loss of dignity that all of us who work with computers just suffered...

Now I am going to go do something completely awesome like hang out with some totally hot and not make believe chicks, and totally not sit in the basement and read blogs about current web 2.0 trends.

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  • That advertisement is all wrong. Everyone knows that computer professionals spend their free time producing documentaries about nuns.

    By Blogger Santiago, at 12:16 AM, July 31, 2008  

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