Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Winter Light in the Summer

Last night we had the second movie screening in our summer movie series. We watched Winter Light(Nattvardsgästerna) by Ingmar Bergman. I think that it is my favorite Bergman movie, and one of perhaps my all-time favorites.

The starkness of the cinematography brings to the forefront the intense struggle which is happening within the characters.

I was reminded of a quote from Ratzinger's book Introduction to Christianity that floored me the first time I read it.
Fastened to the cross - with the cross fastened to nothing, drifting over the abyss. The situation for the contemporary believer could hardly have been more accurately and impressivley described. Only a loose plank bobbing over the void seems to hold him up, and it looks as if he must eventually sink. Only a loose plank connects him to God, though certainly it connects him inescapably, and in the last analysis he knows that this wood is stronger than the void that seethes beneath him and remains nevertheless the really threatening force in his day-to-day life. (p44)

I think that this movie really captures the heart of this modern difficulty. While it may not end up on the side of belief in the end, its beauty and honesty make Bergman's film a must see.

For those interested and in town, next week we will be taking a break from the subtitles and watching Rushmore. It is something a little lighter but still great and worthy of discussion.

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