Friday, April 20, 2007

April 21st Coffee and History

The foundation of Rome.

Soviet Union forces south of Berlin at Zossen attack the German High
Command headquarters.

Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989.

The Chicago Cardinals & Pittsburgh Steelers merge.

The birth of Iggy Pop.

What do all of these momentus occasions have in common? Aside from a
slightly morbid fixation on failure and dissapointment, all of these
occurences took place on April 21st. This Saturday take a break from
writing those term papers and celebrate one of the most
underappreciated dates in history! Everyone loves to reminisce about
all the things that have happened on April 20th, but who gives the
21st credit for the birth of famed actor Anthony Quinn? Who raises
their glass to the day in 1944 that French women were finally allowed
to vote?

We will be silent no more!

Doors open and Coffee starts flowing at 7:30pm performances start at
8:00 sharp. Dust off your almanacs and prepare something related to
April 21st.

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