Friday, November 05, 2010

A New Religious Community

The Quincy House would like to announce the formation of a new religious community, the Society of Sts. Columba and Francis Xavier (SSCFX). In light of various technological developments and theological discussions, the need for SSCFX has become quite clear. The Society will dedicate itself to a three-fold mission:

(1) Ministering to those members of the human race who are beyond the atmosphere of Planet Earth.

(2) Evangelizing any ensouled extraterrestrial species which (a) might be encountered by human beings, (b) be in need of redemption and, (c) by God's grace, have His mercy available to them.

(3) Combating the heresy of axenoism, which claims that other ensouled races cannot exist because the Incarnation can only redeem humanity. This heresy is an affront to the power of God, Who may redeem any He so chooses, and by any means.

Formal approval of SSCFX by the Holy See is pending, but Proto-Abbot James Thomas Kennelly is already accepting donations. For further information, please email

Image courtesy of the Weekly World News .

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  • A little too much time on your hands today Aaron?

    By Blogger Caitlin, at 3:06 PM, November 05, 2010  

  • I heard there was some apostasy going on around here. I'm a few days late, but I will be posting my theses on the Quincy House door for "disputation on the power and efficacy of axenoism out of love and zeal for truth and the desire to bring it to light".

    By Anonymous Macarena R.H., at 10:24 AM, November 06, 2010  

  • The Spiritual Advisory Board to the World (SABttW) is taking note of this emerging Religious Community. We have first-hand knowledge of the proto Abbot's character and background. As good Catholics we believe in repentance and redemption. Nevertheless, mindful of our responsibilities to the good of the Chruch and the World, we will be closely monitoring the Order's activities and rule.

    By Blogger Kennelly, at 5:47 PM, November 07, 2010  

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